Body Cameras in Retail
Body Cameras in Retail

Body Cameras in Retail - Supporting Staff and Reducing In-Store Incidents

Calla is a small, secure body camera with a front-facing screen and a cloud-based video management software service for people working in all retail sectors.

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Improving Staff Safety and Wellbeing

Body cameras worn by retail workers assist in reducing the number of incidents by deterring aggression and recording an independent account of events. In turn, this helps improve the confidence and overall safety and wellbeing of retail workers while simultaneously reducing staff turnover and supporting training.

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Empowering Retail with Body Cameras

Our body camera solutions for retail are making a real difference to safety and the results speak for themselves.

  • 54% reduction of violence and aggressive incidents vs same period in previous year.
  • 30% more convictions achieved by law enforcement as a direct result of having body worn cameras.
  • 7% reduction in stock loss vs same period in previous year.
  • 78% said dealing with less risk has had a positive impact on their mental wellbeing.
  • 100% of staff felt safer at work and 95% wanted to continue using body cameras post-trial.
*Results taken from post-trial and customer surveys

To learn more about the impact of this transformative technology discover the 10 benefits of body-worn cameras in retail.

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Supporting the Safety of Lone Workers

From delivery drivers and night-shift convenience store clerks to gas station operatives and security personnel, lone workers face heightened risks in their roles. Incidents of aggression can occur when enforcing the law, such as age restrictions on regulated products or confronting shoplifters, and without immediate support, these situations can escalate quickly.

The KS4 is a small, unobtrusive body camera featuring all the signature features of our retail camera alongside our most advanced capabilities including SOS alerts, live streaming and GPS.

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