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Our artificial intelligence is the future - pioneering performance in body cameras and evidence management with Face Match and Face Search. Using the cameras vision, audio, motion, and pre-configured information, we move society towards a safer and better future for everyone. We are proud to be at the forefront of it.

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AI Body Cameras K Series

Face Match is a brand new feature from the K-Series range of AI-enabled body cameras that you can trust. Our Face Match technology can focus on people who are missing or vulnerable, the ability to stop crime before it happens and tackle the issues of proactively prosecuting re-offenders.

The K-Series utilizes the latest chipsets, allowing the camera to perform various Artificial Intelligence tasks, including Face Match. When this feature is enabled, the camera is programmed to match faces seen in the field against an uploaded pre-configured watchlist of people of interest.

If a match is found, the camera will respond in a predetermined way to create a safer, more effective, faster and streamlined workflow.

Introducing the brand new K-Series range

No other body-worn camera offers such capabilities today or is future-proofed for tomorrow's opportunities.

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Face Search is the new AI feature built within DEMS 360. It allows users to check matching faces within the library of uploaded images and videos from our K-Series range of body-worn cameras.

How Does It Work?

  • When Face Search is enabled, DEMS 360 processes incoming media files to detect faces in the image/video.
  • The detected faces are listed alongside the media file in a new tab.
  • Each sequence is processed through an AI pipeline, resulting in a unique mathematical descriptor enriched with metadata for that specific face.
  • The descriptor then searches similar faces within the video library, and if similar face(s) are found, they are displayed as thumbnails in the 'Matches' tab.
  • Finally, the identified faces can be shared via a link to the stored media file.

Any recognized person of interest can be added to one or more watchlists, and this knowledge can be assigned to specific groups of cameras. Each time a camera is docked, DEMS 360 will delete any existing data and automatically upload the current watchlist, ensuring the camera contains only the most up-to-date information.