US Paramedic with Call v2
US Paramedic with Call v2

Body Cameras in Healthcare

Our Calla camera has a front-facing screen designed to calm down tense situations within the healthcare sector. When required, footage can be played back and provide an independent third-party account of the entire situation.

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Reducing Violence and Aggression in Healthcare

Body camera footage has played an essential part in mitigating violent and aggressive incidents in healthcare settings. The Calla front-facing screen is proven to deter aggression, de-escalate situations and provide an independent account of incidents, supporting the public and safeguarding staff.

Studies show that when people see they are being recorded, it can calm them down and avoid conflict. That’s exactly what Calla does by reducing disruption and recording an independent account of what happened.

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Healthcare practitioners work hard every single day to provide care and treatment to people when they need it most. Yet, front-line staff are increasingly facing situations of abuse and aggression while on duty. The 2020 NHS Staff Survey revealed that 26% of staff had experienced at least one incident of abuse or harassment from patients or members of the public in the last 12 months.

When worn by clinical and security staff, body-worn cameras have shown to reduce the number of escalating incidents by deterring aggression and recording an independent account of what happened.

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5 Benefits of Body-Worn Cameras in Healthcare

  • Deters and de-escalates violence and aggression by moderating behaviour. Our signature front-facing screen is proven to have a calming effect on those being recorded.

  • Improves the safety of work environments and promotes confidence when dealing with aggressive situations.

  • Captures first-hand video and audio recordings for increased transparency, accountability, and accurate evidence reporting.

  • Improves staff satisfaction in terms of feeling supported, knowing action is being taken that contributes to the overall health and wellbeing of staff.

  • Enhances training and learning by helping staff understand and identify triggers of aggression and improve conflict management training.

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Front-Facing Screen

Studies show that when people can see they are being recorded it can help calm them down and avoid conflict, and that’s just what Calla does by de-escalating situations, reducing disruption, and recording an independent account of what happened.

One-Touch Record

Having a single, quick and simple action to turn the camera on makes it easy for users to start recording. Our intuitive red sliding switch is a positive action that confirms activation and is easy to operate for staff on the go.

US Paramedic v3

Unbreakable Security

Calla cameras are AES 256-bit encrypted and video footage can only be accessed by authorised users.

Flexible Mounting

Calla is lightweight and can be attached to any clothing using a variety of mounting options - lanyard, crocodile clip, Klick fast or a magnetic mount.

“I have seen a few occasions where the incident had de-escalated and believed this to have been helped by the camera being turned on.”

Alex Bolton

The cameras have made a massive difference to the nursing staff on the trauma ward. They feel safer and more reassured, and in many instances having the body cameras have de-escalated situations, preventing incidents from occurring

Lindsay Ramsey Barts Health NHS Trust

The cameras have been very well received, and used, by the staff in ED. They make the staff feel much more confident when dealing with difficult patients. The most pronounced effects have been on patients with long histories of abusive or aggressive behavior in the department. Now they know that they are being recorded their behavior has significantly improved

Ric Allhusen Security Manager (LSMS)
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A variety of mounting options

For a range of user environments, uniforms, body types, or personal preference; our choice of mounting options for the Calla camera includes Klickfast stud, shirt clip, lanyards, and harnesses.

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Additional Specifications

Height: 54mm Width: 41mm Depth: 17mm
On-Screen Display
Resolution, Frame Rate, Date, Time, Memory Available (GB), Ongoing Recording Length, Battery Level (%), Recording Indicator, Evidential Recording Indicator.
90 minutes
2.5 hours (8GB)
Frame Rate
30 fps
Audio Encoding
Advanced Audio Coding (AAC)
Audio Alarms
Power On/Off, Record Start/Stop, Low Battery, and Low Memory
AES 256-bit
Operating Temperature
5°C to 35°C

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