201707 UKNP Traffic Warden IMG 0052
201707 UKNP Traffic Warden IMG 0052

Body Cameras in Transportation

Body Cameras in Transportation - Promoting Positive Interactions with the Public

We supply smart, efficient and secure body cameras to Transportation firms. Studies indicate that body-worn cameras make the public feel safe, reduce complaints and crime and result in positive interactions between public officials and citizens.
By acting as an impartial and independent sequence of events, DEMS 360 eliminates challenges on law enforcement legitimacy and offers real-time information when in contact with members of the community.

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Unrivalled Performance: The D-Series are solidly built with unbreakable security, ultra-low light, HD video, full-shift battery, and a front-facing screen. This robust design, paired with the world's leading evidence management software, makes our police body camera system the go-to solution in over 40 countries.

Articulated camera head: A fully adjustable camera head gives you the control and flexibility required to capture the right images and adapt your recording to multiple scenarios. Our body cameras can be worn in a variety of ways, on people of all shapes and sizes or head mounted on a helmet or cap. Our products can also be used in vehicles, as an interview recorder or a handheld camera.

Articulated body camera
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Why Transport is Relying on Reveal for Body-Worn Cameras

Reveal’s body cameras have been designed in close partnership with the personnel who use them. Together, we develop the best in its class across video quality, design, battery life, functionality, and ease of use. Our close partnership with law enforcement enables us to deliver a product that stands up to the rigours of modern protection.

How Front-Facing Screens Benefit Staff in Transport

The front-facing screen on Reveal body cameras has a proven calming effect on people being recorded and maximises transparency with the public. Everyone’s actions are recorded, ensuring the accuracy of evidence and accountability. When appropriate, the screen can also be used to view video back in the field without a smartphone or PC.

Increased Accuracy and Security in Record-Keeping

Take full control of your body camera solution and manage your evidence how you want. You can choose to have your DEMS 360 hosted on-premises or on our secure cloud server. You always remain in control; not tied to long-term storage contracts.

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