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Reveal is a global market leader in body-worn camera technology.

We currently supply and support cameras and software to clients in 40+ countries, and our international activities are growing rapidly in industries such as retail, prisons, local government, and private security. We have offices in the UK, Germany, USA and Hong Kong and provide technical support globally.

Our approach is to work closely with customers to make sure they have the best possible experience with body-worn video, and we pride ourselves on building long-term, effective partnerships.

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Performance Matters

Reveal was founded in 2002 when body-worn cameras were relatively new to the market. We were, and to this day, remain to be at the forefront of body-worn camera solutions.

Before launching our ground-breaking body-worn cameras, competitors first-generation body cams were primarily designed for police officers, and the design was bulky and cumbersome. We saw that body-worn technology should be accessible across multiple industries, not just the police sector. We knew we could significantly improve this from research, experience, and working with those who used them.

People at Reveal

We evolved the rudimentary design into an intuitive, robust body-worn camera range with a powerful software system. Our products had functionality at their core. Our mission was to protect all keyworkers and anyone with a customer-facing role. Our vision was to revolutionise body-worn camera solutions on a global scale.

We were adamant that our products required five essential elements to make a real difference to the people who used them and the industries they served:

  • The ability to de-escalate situations before an altercation occurs using the front-facing screen as a deterrent.
  • Provide transparent and unbiased footage of confrontational situations using the camera as an impartial witness.
  • To protect those on both sides of the lens should a hostile altercation develop, providing evidence and reducing complaints.
  • The functionality to simply and efficiently upload footage, view video and be safe in the knowledge that everything is securely encrypted.
  • Utilise any footage obtained not only for testimony should it be required, but for training and staff development purposes in the future.
People at Reveal 2

Fast forward a decade later, and we remain the market leader driving innovation with the first body camera to offer artificial intelligence and facial recognition. Our focus remains the same; to prevent abuse by de-escalating situations and provide a robust, flawless digital evidence management system designed to streamline upload, storage and viewing capabilities. Our vision is to grow and develop new ground-breaking technologies to support those who rely on them because we know performance matters.

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We currently supply and support cameras and software to clients in 40+ countries and have offices in the UK, Germany, USA, China and Hong Kong.