Live Facial Recognition
Live Facial Recognition

Live Facial Recognition - How a Body Camera Trial is Boosting Security

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Amidst concerns and scepticism, live facial recognition technology stands as a pivotal innovation in tackling repeat offenders and enhancing public safety. This transformative potential has been embraced by GO! Southampton, the city’s Business Improvement District, and Reveal in their groundbreaking trial in late 2023 with the latest AI-enabled body-worn cameras used by security staff to identify and stop banned individuals from entering night-time venues.

View an insightful panel discussion featuring key players in the trial, including Steve Goodier, consultant and project manager from Reveal; representatives from GO! Southampton; and other notable experts. This webinar offers a deep dive into the trial's genesis, detailing the context, strategic planning, and successful execution of this groundbreaking security project. We share firsthand accounts of the trial's impact, including preliminary results and key learnings.

Moreover, the session navigates through the ethical, compliant, and proportional use of this technology, addressing public concerns while highlighting its benefits. The panel also casts light on the future trajectory of live facial recognition, envisioning its evolving role in redefining security. Gain a comprehensive understanding of how this technology is reshaping the landscape of public safety and security.

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