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Operational Efficiency at Pensacola Airport Takes Off with Reveal D3 Body Cameras

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Company name: Pensacola International Airport

Department: Traffic Control

Location: Pensacola, Florida

Industry: Transport

Solution: 8x D3 body cameras

2x D-Series Docking Station

1x Dell PC with 4TB External Storage

DEMS 360 License and Software

Reveal Care Plus

The Mission:

As the Curbside Manager for Pensacola International Airport’s busy drop-off and pick-up areas, David Bryant needed a body-worn camera and evidence management solution that was reliable, could withstand the demands of long shifts and facilitated the streamlining of video footage management, storing and sharing.

The Challenge:

Pensacola International Airport had been using body-worn cameras to help improve their credibility and reduce the number of negative interactions between curbside traffic officers and members of the public for over four years. However, during this period they had trialled a total of four body camera providers, none of which had been successful in providing a complete solution that met all their needs. Battery life was a constant challenge as cameras were unable to match the requirements of 10+ hour shifts, and those that came with a re-chargeable battery pack took 3-4 hours to charge. The cameras were also bulky, making them difficult to maneuver and impractical for capturing footage at different angles. However, the most significant challenge facing Pensacola Airport was the failing camera firmware. With only a limited 30-day warranty and no repair option, replacing broken cameras became a regular and unsustainable expense. Data management was also an inflexible and manual process.

The Solution:

The Reveal D3 Body Camera and DEMS 360 Software License Bundle provides a reliable, cost-effective and time-efficient solution. Using eight D3 body cameras among 12 officers on a shift pattern, Pensacola International Airport Traffic Control has access to a flexible solution that can expand over time. The D3 Docking Stations ensure charging is a straightforward and seamless process that facilitates the uploading of video data from all cameras simultaneously.

The airport also has Reveal’s DEMS 360 (digital evidence management software) installed on a standalone Dell PC that allows for the simple management of digital video evidence. The software is accessed by authorized personnel only.

The D3 cameras also come with a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty providing cover for 12 months from the date of delivery as well as 12 months of software support and maintenance. The addition of the Reveal Care Plus plan, our premium service, offers the advantage of warranty cover for the battery within the body camera device.

The Benefit:

The Reveal D3 body cameras have a 12-hour battery and 14-hour recording life that provides full shift coverage, eliminating the earlier inconvenience of carrying a re-chargeable battery pack. This means that traffic officers can confidently capture footage without interruption during long shifts. Weighing just 155g (5.46 ounces), the D3 camera is lightweight and comfortable to wear which enables it to be worn or mounted on officers’ uniforms in multiple configurations without obstructing their movement. The articulated camera head with its flexible lens allows for complete camera adjustment to capture footage at all angles and can be adapted depending on the height of the traffic officer.

A ruggedised outer casing provides durability and protection from inevitable knocks and drops. Plus, any additional damage beyond this is now covered by the care plan, negating the cost of buying replacement cameras.

While previous body camera iterations trialled by Pensacola Airport had stemmed the number of complaints, now with Reveal’s D3 cameras and their unique front-facing screen members of the public know they are being recorded without the officers having to announce it, and complaints attempting to discredit officers have been reduced to zero. New guidance has also been implemented in the airports body camera usage polices to make sure pre-record is activated to capture critical footage 60 seconds before the officer starts the recording.

"One of our traffic officers was assaulted two years ago. Everyone had body cameras, but the incident happened so fast that by the time officers had activated their cameras they only got the aftermath. Had we had pre-record capabilities, we could have captured the incident from the start."

Managing digital video evidence has been simplified with DEMS 360. It provides centralized and secure access to footage captured by the cameras and reduces time spent manually uploading footage.

Overall, Pensacola International Airport Traffic Control has seen significant benefit by moving to Reveal D3 body cameras and DEMS 360 solution. Reliable battery life with full shift capabilities, adaptable camera positioning for easier wearing by all officers and a centralized evidence management process all add up to improved efficiency and safety for users.

"I’m surprised more airports aren’t using body cameras when dealing with the public".

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