K-Series Body Cameras

See the future

Our K-Series range revolutionises body-worn cameras. No other body-worn camera offers such capabilities today or is future-proofed for tomorrow's opportunities.

Our most powerful body camera system

The K6 cameras include our innovative front-facing screen designed to de-escalate situations and an articulated camera head to maximise the users' field of vision.

The K-Series cameras include onboard GPS, a unique touch screen display for ease of use, in-field annotation and are AI-enabled.

To give our customers a choice of features and budgets, we have designed the K6 without 3G/4G LTE.

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Touch Screen

Our largest ever front-facing screen maximises transparency when recording. This innovative technology has been proven to de-escalate antisocial behaviour in a range of situations and protects those on both sides of the lens.

The high definition screen is touch-sensitive and features in-field annotations, so you can immediately input evidential details without returning to base.

These world-class features make the K-Series the most user-friendly camera on the market today.

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The K-Series is AI-ready and can be activated through plug-in licenses to enable features such as facial recognition.

Our new Sony IMX sensor produces incredible images in ultra-low light giving the power of always replicating what the wearer can see with their own eyes.

With a full-shift recording time of 14 hours between charges and a 64GB memory, the K-Series can hold more footage than ever, producing smaller file sizes, cutting upload time and reducing storage costs.

AI Enabled

The K6 body-worn cameras are intelligently reactive to the environment through sound, movement, and vision

Additional Features

K-Series body cameras include all the great features from our D-Series range, plus additional improvements including image quality, pre-record, dual microphones and more.

Touch Screen

The touch screen camera interface allows quick and easy playback of footage, addition of notes, incident ID, mark as important, or cloaking.

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Ruggedised Casing
12 hour battery
Ultra Low Light
AES-256 encryption
Live streaming WiFi
Bluetooth triggers
Onboard GPS
AI Enabled


Front Facing Screen

This signature Reveal feature has a proven calming effect on people when they see they are being recorded. It maximises transparency with the public and protects those on both sides of the lens. Where appropriate, the user can disable the screen entirely.

The body-worn camera has the ability to set a retention policy on recordings or when required, can also view video back in the field.

The front-facing screen makes training easy, with clear information displaying the battery, memory, uploading, connectivity, alerts, plus much more.

Articulated Camera Head

Reveal cameras are the only body-worn cameras to feature an articulated camera head. This unique feature allows the head to be rotated so the lens points and captures the optimum field of vision.

Furthermore, directing the lens enables the camera to be worn by people of all shapes and sizes without implicating the scope of captured evidence.

The versatility of the camera head allows the cameras to be used in vehicles, as an interview recorder, a handheld camera, or head mounted on a helmet or cap.

Touch Screen

No longer limited by mechanical buttons, the K-Series is future-proofed with a large touch screen display. The clear on-screen buttons and notifications make the K-Series simple to operate and easy to implement staff training.
A translation/localisation feature makes the K-Series adaptable for multinational companies, organisations, and teams of different nationalities operating in various locations with a range of languages.

Users can enter metadata such as incident ID & annotated notes using the touchpad keyboard. Furthermore, the touch screen facilitates the entry of a complex playback pin.

When recording, the camera can be configured to display a large "recording" icon beneath the preview. This feature makes it clear and overt to everyone when the camera is filming.

14-Hour Battery

We have used the latest camera technology and power management techniques while working closely with the chipset manufacturers to optimise the electronics for 14-hour battery life. By doing so, we have ensured the camera lasts for an entire shift so footage can be captured and provide evidence when required.

One Touch Record

Having a single, quick and simple action to turn the camera on has always been an essential feature in our body cameras. Our intuitive red sliding switch is a positive action that confirms activation by the physical position change on the camera. It's easy to operate for officers on the go, even in intense, stressful situations.

Live Stream* (4G or WIFI)

High-quality video can now be seen live anywhere globally. Live streaming allows real-time situational awareness and decision making. This ability can completely transform incident handling and outcomes, giving our customers a new tool to enhance their effectiveness and streamline their workflow.

*Live stream performance dependent on the network connection, bandwidth, and network stability.

Ultra Low Light

Reveal body cameras have been designed to optimise low-light performance to a new level using state-of-the-art technology that far exceeds any other body-worn camera on the market.


The K-Series has built-in GPS, capturing tags stored on the video metadata to bring important positioning information into the frame. Using GPS makes footage easier to identify and provides location-specific data from each device.

The K6 use Wifi to hotspot GPS tagging. This technology assists HQ with real-time coordinates in a situation and provides precise location data during post-event footage reviews.

Bluetooth Triggers

Bluetooth triggers allow the body camera to be activated remotely via a beacon, freeing the user from manually turning the camera on. The camera can be triggered to start recording automatically in various circumstances, such as when the officer wearing the camera leaves the vehicle.