York City School District Police Officers to Wear Reveal Body Cameras


This news piece was originally reported by York Daily Record ( Read the full article here.

York City School District police officers, Pennsylvania, plan to roll out Reveal RS2-X2 body cameras in January, following the approval of a $25,000 grant for the purchase of equipment directly related to school safety initiatives. The grant was part of a state-wide scheme, and was approved for the York City School District police around Thanksgiving, according to Michael Muldrow, the Chief of the school’s police unit.

The school police unit consists of 11 full-time officers, as well as some part-time officers, all of whom operate in all 8 schools in the York City School District. It has been effective for 3 years and follows in the footsteps of the York City Police Department who have already successfully implemented a body worn video program. 

Regarding the body cameras, Muldrow said, “we wanted to be that same transparent, above-board agency we’ve been,” and added, “we want that increased oversight.”

Muldrow explained that the body cameras do not record all the time, but officers will be equipped with them to help to de-escalate situations and record events that might need to be reviewed in the future. He gave the example of student fights, incidents where an officer needs to use restraint, the case of a student endangering himself or others, or the event of a student possessing a weapon.

One of the features of the Reveal body cameras that the school police officers are set to use is the unique front-facing screen. “It’s good from a standpoint to calm behavior of the people being recorded,” said Muldrow. “This will lead to the birth of a new era in the district,” said Muldrow.

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