Tip workers equipped with Reveal body cameras to protect them from public


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Staff at Oxfordshire’s household waste and recycling centers, UK, are being equipped with Reveal body-worn cameras to protect them from the worrying amount of abuse they face.

On average each year the authority said it dealt with 20 ‘escalated’ reports of physical and verbal abuse by members of the public, but the staff has to deal with even more minor incidents on a regular basis.

Council cabinet member for environment Yvonne Constance said: “The safety of our staff and customers is our number one priority and using this technology will only be an enhancement.

“The vast majority of people only ever intend to bring their waste and dispose of it quickly and if they are unsure of anything they will speak to the staff.

“There have been times, and this is not unique to Oxfordshire, where someone will come along and will seek to intimidate or abuse the staff. This is not acceptable.

“We are being upfront about using the cameras and that alone will help improve many of the interactions on site. Knowing that you could be filmed could for many people be enough to make them think twice.”

The prominent front-facing screen on Reveal body cameras clearly shows people they are being recorded by showing the recording in real-time. This has been shown all over the world to deter aggression and prevent attacks on staff.

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