St. George police hail Reveal as the best camera for them


St. George City Council, Utah, recently approved the purchase of 75 Reveal body cameras for their police force.

“The camera before you today is the best camera for us.” St. George Police Chief Marlon Stratton said Thursday during the council meeting. “We’re excited to get these cameras to every officer out there.”

St. George City were originally considering another brand of body cameras, but were let down on product functionality, training and delivery. The decision was therefore made to find a provider with a proven track record of implementing high quality cameras.

Having chosen Reveal, Mayor Pike said “We feel we now have these 75 body cams that will do everything that we feel we need to have. We’re excited to be able to put those into use.”

Stratton echoed “Now we’re getting these cameras that have the features that we really like. This camera has got a camera head that the officers can adjust so if there’s a really tall officer they can adjust the lens to get the best view. It’s also got an LED screen so people can see that they’re being recorded, and we think that’s important; we want the public to know when we’re there and they’re being recorded and they can see that.”

Police forces across the globe have found that the front facing screen on Reveal body cameras has been instrumental in improving interactions with members of the public, by making it clear that a recording is taking place. Stratton said he believes everyone generally behaves better when they understand they’re being recorded, and Reveal body cameras will help to achieve that.

By de-escalating confrontations, St. George Police officers will be safer and more efficient as they avoid  use-of-force to control a situation, something City Manager Gary Esplin was keen to highlight. He said “We think it’s worth it to protect our officers and show what’s happening to our citizens”.

Additionally, in cases that cannot be de-escalated, Stratton is looking forward to capturing a high quality recording of the account. “I receive complaints periodically on officers,” he said. “It would sure be nice to pull a camera and see exactly what happened.”

The St. George Police Department is the largest law enforcement agency in the county and want to be an example to the other local departments. Stratton affirmed “We think this is going to show what a great department we have and how well our officers do their job.”

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