Reveal body cameras in action at Oktoberfest, Germany


Oktoberfest is a German festival that sees 8 million litres of beer served to 6 million visitors from around the world over 16 days. And though it’s by large a very amicable affair, it is also no wonder that organizers can sometimes struggle with aggression and violence from visitors.

In response to trouble makers, Reveal body cameras have been deployed to some of the tents to deter aggression and violence, and so far have been a “resounding success”.

The security officers in charge of keeping the peace and protecting visitors in some tents have not had to record a single second of footage, as the body camera’s overt nature and front-facing screen have been enough to immediately de-escalate potential confrontations.

“We have no reason to turn the cameras on at all” stated one security officer, “the cameras de-escalate incidents which is the best outcome for us”.

"To a certain extent we are holding up a mirror to aggressive visitors," explained Rolf Wilmink, CEO of a Reveal Reseller, when addressing why the cameras don’t even have to be recording to be effective. The front facing screen displays what is happening in real-time, so the public is able to see themselves on the screen, which moderates behaviour positively.

This is welcome news to organizers, security, and the public alike, as this is the first year that body cameras have legally been allowed to be used in such a way. Previously it was not possible under the existing jurisdiction, however, the video surveillance law has now been updated to enable the use of the technology in environments like this.

Löwenbräu tent host Wiggerl Hagn considers the arrival of Reveal body cameras as "long overdue" to protect officers as well as the public. Hagn explained "If someone drinks too much, then they don’t think straight. These cameras will not only protect the security forces but sometimes the guests from themselves."

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