LISD Police Department (Texas) chooses Reveal body cameras for their unique features


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The Laredo ISD Police Department has introduced Reveal body cameras for their police force. As reported by  KGNS, earlier in the year the force had the chance to try out the different body cameras available but wound up picking the Reveal body cameras which have a unique front-facing screen that aids in de-escalation and an articulated camera head. 

LISD has introduced the cameras as part of its efforts to protect officers and students as well as remaining transparent to the community. 

The LISD Police Department held a training course on Friday to introduce new body cameras to its 30 plus officers who will be using to record their daily activities.

One LISD officer believes that the body cameras will help him and other officers in a situation that might be tough to handle without proof.

The Reveal body camera can be mounted on to an officer’s chest or head as part of a police uniform. It can be easily activated at the flick of a switch and has an optional pre-record function that can capture 30 seconds’ worth of footage prior to the officer activating the camera so that the build-up to an incident can also be viewed in context. 

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