Growing calls for police to use body cameras for the protection of officers and public


Reveal body cameras are already in use in New Zealand by the SPCA, some councils, and Corrections officers in prisons.

International studies have found that police who use body cams have up to 93 percent fewer complaints from the public as the cameras keep the behavior of both officers and offenders in check. 

Corrections Officer Ray Sio says it keeps them safe and changes the mindset of the prisoners. 

Customs chief custodial officer, Neil Beales says, "It completely changes the dynamic of the situation that the staff member is facing. And we know if someone knows they are being recorded they also know it can be used as evidence." 

The Police Association says it wants the same protection for its officers.

"We think it's really worth exploring," said Chris Cahill of the association.

"Let's get on with it. Let's understand the issues, especially from Australia and also perhaps the UK and Corrections here in New Zealand. And then let's get some paper out there so people can talk about it, and get some costings."

Between December 2016 to December 2017, 313 police officers were assaulted and the association says attacks are becoming more violent. 

In a statement, police said they are continuing to monitor the use of body cameras by other agencies and any potential benefits. 

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