Douglas County Department of Corrections awarded grant for body cameras


Douglas County Department of Corrections has been awarded a grant for body cameras by the Office of Justice Programs following a successful trial last summer.

"It's a way for us to enhance our staff safety, as well as improve the confidence the public has in the job we do here every day," said Michael Myers, director of Douglas County Corrections.

"Our primary focus will be our hot spots in the jail, maximum security areas, as well as admissions, where we will have people coming in off the streets, who may not be stable, psychotic or under the influence of street drugs," Myers said.

Myers hopes the visible body cams will deter violence.

"When inmates realize the body cam is on, they tend to back off and their behavior backs off and aggression becomes less threatening," he said.

"The newer cameras have outward-facing screens. They (inmates) can see themselves, so they know they're being held accountable," 

Myers also said the use of body cams goes both ways, holding officers accountable, too.

"We are entrusted with their welfare every day and anything we can do to be more transparent is helpful”

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