5 ways Police Chiefs can turn a body cam time bomb into a gold mine


Body cameras are changing Policing around the world for the better. The technology is making departments more efficient, transparent and accountable, whilst reducing crime and improving community relations.

Former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis has commented, however, on the danger present to Police Chiefs who do not have a way to comprehensively manage or analyse their department’s body camera footage.

Davis said “With body cameras, and the data that is coming from those body cameras, every police chief in America is sitting on a time bomb. You can’t look at all the data you’re about to collect, it’s impossible. Unless you have a way to manage it, and analyse it, and find out where bad things are happening in it: somebody is going to voyeur it, and you’re going to get caught short after the fact. You’re going to be criticized for not knowing what your officer’s are doing.”

DEMS 4 is a comprehensive evidence management system that allows Police Chiefs to turn their body camera time bomb back into a gold mine. Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Chiefs are able to configure DEMS however they like, creating categories and retention policies to classify every video taken by their officers – which means nothing is missed.

  2. DEMS allows the creation of departments, whereby a defined collection of users can see each other’s data – keeping them accountable.

  3. Chiefs can easily pull reports in DEMS against multiple parameters to quickly identify where there might be any problems.

  4. A full audit trail tracks every action or event in DEMS, which means nothing is hidden.

  5. Police Chiefs decide where to store DEMS data: locally, on a server or on the cloud. All the data is exactly where they want it and can access it.

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