"The front facing screen is brilliant - you know you're being recorded when you can see yourself on a screen. The cameras are fantastic value for money. If you want the best, then you pay for the best, but there are other cameras out there where you pay a similar price but get half the product."

Colin Green, Security Manager

"The cameras have performed to our expectations - and beyond."

Officer James Boyd, Washington Park Police, USA

"We have other body worn video suppliers. And so have other police departments round here. We’re the only ones using Reveal. And we’re the only ones who are happy!"

Officer John Pedjac, City of Clare Police, USA

"Thank you again for your efficiency and promptness with your replies and the units turn around. For your info, they are much better and more Officer friendly so well done."

Andy Harwood, Sussex Police, UK

"What an awesome piece of kit, easy to use and even some of the IT shy officers are saying how simple it is."

Romsey Police, UK