Sgt Josh Gilliam reviews the RS2-X2 body camera - “It’s a game-changer”


Sgt Josh Gilliam has reviewed the Reveal RS2-X2 body worn camera for law enforcement as part of Police One's Innovation Zone. Here's what he had to say.

"Whether we’re checking out the back of a vacant building, or we have to respond inside it for a crime in progress, recent events have only highlighted the need for Law Enforcement to be able to justify its actions.

"Body cameras go places traditional vehicle mounted cameras can’t.

"Today we’re going to look at a body camera system that is not only innovative in its design and features, it’s light weight, it’s easy to use and most of all its backed up with some of the best software in the business.

"When you’re thinking about body cameras, there are several features that you need to be considering. First of all, ease of use – as a police officer I want something that is simple to turn on, I don’t want to have to find a tiny record button.

"Secondly, durability – we’re cops, I don’t have to tell you the importance of ruggedly reliable equipment.

"Thirdly, software. Quality software is vital in the evidence management of videos taken with the body cameras.

"Reveal makes a body camera that meets all those objectives.

"Some of the things that I found I really like using the Reveal camera is how simple it is to use. No fumbling around trying to find a power button, all the officer has to do is simply pull down on the record button.

"One of the other impressive features about the Reveal body camera is the forward facing screen, and what this is going to allow me to do is let the person see that they are actually being recorded as they stand in front of me. And I’ll tell you that it’s a game-changer as far as how people act in front of police officers.

"Now there are going to be some times when showing the person that we’re recording them is not going to be feasible and we can put it into what we call Stealth Mode. Now stealth mode is real simple: reach up, you hit the centre button on the left side of the body camera and it takes it into a stealth mode where there is no lights, there’s no screen, there’s nothing illuminated whatsoever.

"For example if I was searching a building I don’t want that illumination device on my body.

"A couple of features that I’ve been real excited about with the Reveal body camera is it does have this articulating head. It allows me to turn this [the camera head] and swivel this in any direction I need to or maybe also by the height of the officer or I can put this thing anywhere on my uniform – it’s given me so many different mounting options because of this adjustability.  

"I also like the fact that the Reveal has a simplified user interface. What this allows me to do is if I am in the field and have recorded video I can actually watch it, in the field, before I prepare my police report. I’m sitting in the field, I can watch it on the screen, I can actually review it, I can rewind it I can fast forward it, I can look at all the video I have taken that particular day, or that particular shift.

"One other unique feature that I like about the Reveal body camera is the important button. The important button here on the side is simple to use in law enforcement because if we’re recording video because we can actually reach up and hit the important button which is going to earmark the video as something I want to recall for later on.

"For example, if I walked up to a vehicle and I looked inside and I saw drugs in plain view, I could reach up and hit the important button which would earmark the video at that exact moment in time.

"You know, when I picked up the Reveal body camera for the first time, my first impression was how extremely well built that it is. It has this rubberised coating that protects the entire camera. But also I was impressed with how lightweight it is. You know when I wear it, I can hardly even tell that its on."

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