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Nuremburg train station was the first in Bavaria, Germany, to equip Deutsche Bahn (DB) staff with Reveal body cameras after a steady increase in attacks on railway employees.

Last year there were around 1800 attacks against staff nationwide, which head of DB Sicherheit in Bavaria, Torsten Malt, said was unacceptable: "We can not and will not tolerate this phenomenon any longer - our employees are not fair game,"

After 5 just 5 months with the Reveal body cameras, attacks have fallen 76% in the main Franconian metropolis train station. Since February there have only been four attacks on security staff, down from 17 in the same period last year.

A DB spokesperson told reporters "Since February 2018, 17 video sequences have been recorded. In four cases, the data was handed over to the Federal Police. In all other cases, the recordings were deleted after 24 hours "

It’s not just the security teams who are seeing the benefits of Reveal cameras at the train stations. According to police, the number of incidents involving injuries around the station also decreased by about 10% on the previous year, with alcohol and drug offenses decreasing 20%. This has been welcome news to authorities, with violence, alcohol and drugs being historical problems at the station.

The positive effect the body cameras are having is even more impressive given they are not used all the time. The cameras are brought out to address periods with “increased potential of conflict” – namely evenings, weekends and events such as football matches.

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