UK police body camera women
UK police body camera women


We've compiled a list of common questions and answers about Reveal and body cameras in general. If there's any questions that you have that aren't on this list, please feel free to get in touch with us.


Body Camera FAQ's

1) What do I do if I can't find what I'm looking for here?

Contact our help desk on +1 888 269-9924 or email [email protected]

2) Why do your cameras have a front-facing screen?

The front-facing screen is a proven deterrent. People see it, understand that they are being recorded, and moderate their behaviour.

The screen also allows for quality on-camera playback in the field.

3) Can I turn the screen off?

Yes, if you want to, you can use ‘stealth mode’; with no screen or indicator lights.

4) Why does the camera have an articulated head?

The articulated head means that any wearer - any height or body shape - can wear the body camera and point the camera in the right direction. This means they record a direct view of the evidence while avoiding recording unintended views (e.g. the sky or floor).

It also gives you versatility - you can use the camera in a car, or stand it on a table for interviews.

5) Can I delete footage from the camera?

No, you can't. You also can’t record over footage on the camera’s memory either. When you connect the camera to our evidence management system, DEMS 360, videos upload automatically, and then they are deleted from the camera.

6) Can I play video footage from the camera on any computer?

The videos are recorded in MP4 format. If encryption is enabled, the MP4 file must be decrypted first by DEMS 360 before allowing playback within the DEMS 360 media player. Files can be exported from DEMS 360 in an MP4 format.

7) How long does the battery last?

Different series of cameras have different batteries.

The D-Series has a 12-hour battery life when the camera is powered on while recording at 720p with the screen on. The power usage is dependant on settings. For example, the D-Series can record for 15 hours at 480p with the screen off.

The Calla Camera has a 90-minute battery life when powered on and recording.

When the camera is not turned on the battery will retain 80% of the original charge after 3 months.

Please see the technical details for each device.

8) Can the camera be used at night?

D-Series cameras can be used in low-light environments. Due to the low light lens reaching 0.05 lux at 30 frames per second it ensures quality video footage.

9) How do you wear the camera?

You can wear the camera in a number of ways: using a shirt clip, a universal Klickfast stud, a lanyard, or a lightweight shoulder or chest harness.

10) Can I use the camera in my car?

Yes. We supply a special dashboard mount - and the articulated head gives you the flexibility to use the camera like this.

11) Does the camera come with a warranty?

Yes. Every Reveal camera comes with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty. You can also upgrade your warranty. Please see our Product Care Plans and Service Plans for more information.

12) Can I delete a recording on the SD card?

Only using a card reader. But if you do this, when the camera is plugged into our evidence management system, DEMS 360, a notification is sent to the administrator to say that there is a missing file.

13) Can the camera pre-record?

Yes, the D-Series cameras can record a constant ‘buffer’ of 10/30/60 seconds - so if you start recording now, the actual video starts 10/30/60 seconds prior.

14) Does the camera have enhanced night vision?

No - the camera records what the wearer sees. This is designed to support the decisions of frontline workers wearing our cameras.

15) Can I use the camera outside?

Yes. Our cameras have an IP64 rating for splash and dust proofing and can be used in most weather conditions.

16) Why is the camera not head-mounted?

Body-mounted cameras provide more stable footage and, when combined with a greater field of view, record a more accurate view of what happened than a head-mounted camera.


1) Can DEMS be run on a cloud platform?

Yes. DEMS 360 is completely flexible. It can run in the cloud, on a server, or on a single PC.

2) Do I need an annual licence for DEMS?

No. We provide you with as many licenses as you need for your organisation when you buy the cameras, and they last for the lifetime of the cameras.

3) Are there any on-going fees with DEMS?

No. None at all.

4) Do I have to pay for technical support?

No. We do not charge for technical support.

5) So are there any hidden charges we should know about?

No. None.

6) How many cameras can upload to DEMS at the same time?

You can upload videos from up to 18 cameras.

7) How do you share videos from DEMS?

You can burn video to DVD or CD, or export files to your desktop.

8) Can I edit videos in DEMS?

You can select sections of the video - make clips - but you can’t change anything about the video itself.

9) Can I take still images from videos in DEMS?

Yes - and recording in full HD resolution allows you take high-quality stills.

10) Can DEMS handle evidence from other sources? That is, from devices that are not Reveal cameras?

Yes, DEMS 360 can manage digital evidence from any source, as long as it is not encoded by the original supplier.

11) How often do you update DEMS?

We update DEMS 360 approximately every six months. Updates are free of charge.

12) Do you provide training?

Yes, we can provide you with training for DEMS 360.

13) Can I access DEMS via a browser?

Yes, depending on your set up you can access DEMS Web via a browser.

DEMS 360 Technical FAQs

1) How much space do I need to install DEMS?

You need 410MB to install DEMS 360 itself, and 1.2GB to install the supporting software it needs to run. But the most important thing to bear in mind is how much space you will need to store videos. We can help you work that out. Please contact us for details.

2) Why is the Auto Uploader not running, or showing as disabled?

Check that the Auto Uploader is not set to disabled. You have to enable it after installing DEMS 360. To do this:

  • start DEMS
  • log in as an administrator
  • Click on the File menu
  • Click Advanced
  • click Administration
  • go to the settings tab
  • enable auto uploading to your computer at the bottom
  • Click Submit.

3) What does it mean when I search for a video in DEMS and it shows as “This item has not arrived yet”?

The uploaded video has been copied off the camera but hasn’t reached its storage location yet.

  • If you are using a NAS device to store your files, then check if it is running
  • Wait for a few minutes and try searching for it again. If it still hasn’t arrived, please contact Technical Support.
4) I have uploaded some videos but now I can’t see them when I run a search. My administrator can see them, though.

It looks like the videos were uploaded under a different username than yours; probably as an unknown user. If you are a normal user (not an administrator), you can only search for and see videos uploaded under your username.

The solution is to ask your administrator to change the uploading username to yours for these videos.

5) How do I add users?
  • Start DEMS
  • Log in as an administrator
  • Click on the file menu
  • Click Advanced
  • Click Administration
  • Go to Users tab
  • Enter the details of the new user
  • Click Add.
6) How do I book out a camera?

You can do that either from the Auto Upload tab or the Camera Interface tab:

From Auto Upload tab:

  • select a camera from the grid in the middle
  • select the user from the user's list on the right
  • click Book Out
7) How do I know who has which camera?
  • Start DEMS
  • click on the File menu
  • click Advanced
  • click Booking Log. This will show you a list of booked out and booked in cameras.
8) When does a video’s Retention Policy period start?

The retention period in DEMS starts from the day the video has been uploaded (not the day it was recorded).

9) How can I delete a video before the end of the Retention Policy Period?

You can do this by logging in as a Delete user and deleting the videos. To create a Delete user:

  • log in to DEMS as an administrator
  • go to the file menu
  • click Advanced
  • click Administration
  • click Users tab
  • create a new user and select the user role as Delete.
10) Windows Issues

One of the following:

  • I’m missing codecs
  • Videos thumbnails in Camera Interface are red
  • Videos thumbnails in DEMS Client shown as “There was an error creating thumbnail”
  • DEMS Client stops during the process of burning a DVD disc

This means that you don’t have the appropriate codecs installed on your computer, or a version of Windows Media Player later than 9.

To fix this problem install Windows Media Player version 10 or later and the codecs found on your DEMS Setup CD in the Packages folder. Or contact Technical Support and we will send you what you need.

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