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Body Cameras in Healthcare

You can now equip both your security teams and nurses with the right cameras for them - all from the same provider.

Body cameras for every application

Reveal has recently merged with Calla and provides a small, light, and secure body camera with a front-facing screen built for staff in the healthcare sector. 

Studies show that when people can see they are being recorded it can help calm them down and avoid conflict, and that’s just what Calla does by de-escalating situations, reducing disruption, and recording an independent account of what happened.

Reveal offers a complete suite of body cameras suited to every application within Healthcare; from security guards and restraint teams to doctors and nurses.

Best of all, both cameras now run from one evidence management software, DEMS 360, so everything is stored in the same, secure space wherever you want it to be: on your own servers and storage or in the cloud.


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