Body Cameras in Corrections

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Reveal Body Cameras: Leading the Way in Corrections

Reveal has been making award-winning, smart, efficient and secure body worn video systems for over a decade. With customers in more than 40 countries, our commitment has been to lead the way through collaboration and innovation.

Reveal works with Corrections customers across the globe to deliver a solution that is tailored to suit the needs of this specific area of law enforcement.

Some of our corrections customers include New York Department of Corrections, Hong Kong Correctional Services, Her Majesty’s Prison Parc Wales, Her Majesty’s Prison Altcourse in Liverpool, Her Majesty’s Prison Birmingham, New Zealand Department of Corrections, Maine Department of Corrections.

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Body Cameras in Corrections


Making a Difference in Corrections

After the termination of a corrections officer for alleged sexual harassment of an inmate, Stephenson County, Illinois bought body camera for all their corrections officers, “for the protection of the officers as well as the protection of the inmates — it works both ways”.

Hong Kong Correctional Services use body worn cameras to assist their staff in handling ad hoc incidents during routine work, such as incidents that involve violence, contrabands, self- harm or resistant behaviour, etc. within penal institutions and its visiting areas.

In Australia, Brisbane Correctional Centre has rolled out body worn cameras after complaints from union officials of increasing assault rates in prisons. Their aim is to use the cameras to keep staff safe, help filter allegations from prisoners, but also provide reliable evidence in legitimate cases.

Improving inmate & staff behavior

"Once inmates notice we have body cams, they are less likely to be violent, it’s a win-win for staff as well as the community."

Tulare County Sheriff’s Department

For corrections officers working in an environment of heightened tension, body cameras can help by deescalating potentially violent situations; helping inmates improve their behavior and reducing the need for use of force.

"The frequency and intensity of assault events is reduced, and the likelihood of physical force being required to resolve incidents is reduced."

Department of Corrections, New Zealand

Greater Transparency

"I think cameras can protect the public against officer misconduct, protect the officers against unfounded allegations, and help restore trust and confidence in law enforcement and public institutions generally. Santa Clara County Sheriff."

Santa Clara County Sheriff

Body cameras can improve transparency in corrections by providing an independent account of what really happened. This also helps in deterring false claims and reducing unnecessary litigation and liability.

"This (BWV) not only protects detainees or inmates, it also protects our officers."

Prince George’s County Department of Corrections

Body camera footage can also be used to enhance training among correction officers, ensuring best practices are in place for the overall safety of both inmates and officers.

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