Police Body Cameras

We supply smart, efficient and secure police body cameras to police forces all around the world with a strong footprint in Australia.

Reveal has been making award-winning, smart, efficient and secure body worn video systems for over a decade. With a significant presence in Australia, as well as in over 40 countries around the world, our commitment has been to lead the way through collaboration and innovation.

The D-series body worn camera is built on the same fundamental philosophies but with its host of new features, it is best in its class across video quality, battery life, functionality and ease of use. 

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Police Body Worn Cameras

Articulated camera head

Police body cameras

  • Capture the right images

Being able to direct the head allows the D-Series body camera to be worn in various places on people of all shapes and sizes, or head mounted on a helmet or cap. The camera can also be used in vehicle, as an interview recorder or a handheld camera.

Front-facing screen

Police body cameras

  • We focus strongly on deterrence of incidents

This signature Reveal body camera feature has a proven calming effect on people being recorded and maximises transparency with the public. When appropriate, the screen can also be used to view video back in the field, without needing a smart phone or a PC.

Intuitive design

Police body cameras

  • Designed from your perspective

Having a single, quick and simple action to turn the camera on has always been an essential feature in our body cameras. Our intuitive red sliding switch is a positive action that confirms activation by the physical position change on the camera and is easy to operate for officers on the go. 

Reveal has always put design at the forefront of our product philosophy. We understand that users want to feel an affinity with what they wear and the equipment they use. Really good design takes time and meticulous attention to every detail. Not only are our cameras supremely easy to use, they are also designed to be products that users are proud to wear.

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DEMS 360 - Simply manage all your digital evidence. Anywhere.

Police body cameras

  • Built from your point of view

DEMS 360 is our most advanced digital evidence management solution yet that allows you to manage all media types. Available on cloud or on premises. Your choice.

DEMS 360 has its roots in the first ground breaking software Reveal developed back in 2002, which was first adopted by Major Crimes units in the UK to manage all types of digital evidence files. In 2006, as UK police looked to pioneer the use of body worn cameras, Reveal’s existing software was adapted to efficiently manage body camera footage and DEMS was born.

DEMS 360 is the latest generation of Reveal’s award-winning DEMS, with a host of features including the ability to upload, access and share all media types, automatic redaction, case support and In-Field Annotation.

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