Reveal’s Body Cameras: Transforming the Frontline


The world of video surveillance is rapidly transforming. With cameras becoming smaller, better and longer lasting, almost every person carrying a mobile device will have access to a camera. It comes as no surprise, then, that more and more companies with frontline workers are using new video technologies to their advantage. Leading the frontline revolution is Reveal’s range of body worn cameras.

Designed for use by the police force, these body cameras are ideal for any company with frontline workers. The camera is designed to be clipped to the chest of the carrier; it’s lightweight, small and unobstructed. The battery will last for several hours and the camera can be operated simply with one hand. If a wearer feels like an incident needs to be recorded, a simple slide button turns the camera on or off. The footage recorded can only be viewed using the software that comes with the device, so there’s no worry that the footage will be used or distributed in an unwanted way. And the software knows when the recorded images have been tampered with and will inform the viewer if this is the case. This ensures high quality video footage that can be used as evidence in the courtroom should an incident require that.

But Reveal’s body cam doesn’t only record high quality images, it also helps prevent crimes before they ever have the chance to happen. By displaying the video feed on a small screen underneath the camera, anybody interacting with the frontline worker will be aware of the fact he or she is being recorded. Demonstrating that a video is being recorded results in a great decrease in assaults and aggression toward frontline workers.

So far, Reveal’s line of body cameras has demonstrated great successes in a wide range of companies from around the world. Since the UK’s Southern Rail equipped their officers with our body cameras, they’ve reported a significant drop in aggression. Similar results were found by a Swedish security agency, who report that they’ve not had to use the video footage captured as evidence, since the cameras themselves have proven themselves to be incredibly effective at deterring crime. From parking attendants to bouncers, Reveal’s body cameras have resulted in a massive drop in aggression toward their frontline workers.

The use of body cams is rapidly becoming common practice for any company with frontline workers in regular contact with the public. It works as an amazing deterrent for crime and aggression and ensures high quality footage that can be used as evidence should an incident take place. The camera is simple to operate and requires no extra training for the workers that use them. Simply slide the record button down and the camera will start recording. Body cameras continue to transform frontline work, resulting in safer public workers and more complete evidence collection than ever before.