P&O Cruises, Australia, Choose Reveal Body Worn Video


Reveal’s RS2-X2 body cameras have been chosen by P&O Cruises, one of Australia’s most popular cruise companies. They offer international cruises to destinations all over the world, including Australia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand, Now, Reveal body cameras will be used by the on-board security staff to deter aggression, resolve confrontations and increase the safety of both staff and passengers.

A spokesperson for P&O Cruises said “The Company (P&O Cruises Australia) have recently acquired more Reveal cameras which replaced the previously operated [cameras]. Historically the cameras have been used to document interactions between Security staff and passengers on-board.”

Reveal’s body worn video camera enables security staff to activate the camera at the flick of a switch, a simple and easily accessible function. The camera will then record and display events on its front-facing screen, in real time.

The unique front-facing screen featured on the RS2-X2 camera has proved to have a calming effect in potentially hostile situations. Members of staff have to tell passengers that they are being recorded under the 1998 Data Protection Act. This works to increase transparency between staff and members of the public, the body worn video acts as an agent between the two, providing an indisputable account of behaviours and events on both sides. The knowledge of the body camera often makes both members of the public and staff more aware of their actions and behaviours, resulting in a calmer, more rational situation. 

This, in turn, protects security staff. The body worn video system de-escalates situations that could turn verbally or physically abusive. Security teams within NHS hospitals such as the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, UK, associated Reveal’s body cameras with a 28% reduction in injuries, as part of their Zero Harm initiative to reduce violence against staff. Increased safety for security staff is likely to boost morale and contribute to a more productive and efficient team. 

P&O Cruises also intend to use Reveal body cameras in cabin searches and interviews.

 “This would also be used as aid to complete any searches in cabins also covering all areas of interviews where required additionally as to potential - and crime scenes.”

In a busy environment such as a cruise ship, security staff are faced with situations where the body cameras will be useful. In both the private cabins and communal areas, allegations of assault, theft, and destruction of property are among the few incidents that security staff must neutralise and control. The added support of body worn video means that security staff can de-escalate situations and resolve issues on-board, and also follow up incidents with the relevant legal body if necessary.

Reveal’s body worn video uses Digital Evidence Management Software (DEMS) 

to securely store the body camera footage. DEMS protects the evidential integrity of the footage and enables it to be viewed, managed and shared both internally to other departments and externally - a feature that is necessary in the instance where the footage is required as evidence in a court hearing and must be sent to the relevant third party.

In instances where evidence of an offence is captured, body worn video has contributed to a reported 90% increase in early guilty pleas, according to Grampian Police. This saves the time and money of the judiciary system as a direct result of the evidential footage recorded.

The P&O Cruises spokesperson also commented on the RS2-X2’s practical design and ease of use: “We have so far found the cameras to be more user friendly and better applied for our use due to their compactness and operational structure ie. no wires, easy uploads, robust and easy record functions.”

Reveal cameras can be mounted on to the chest, shoulder or headwear of an official’s uniform and are lightweight, weighing between just 130g and 146g, depending on the model. 

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