5 reasons why Body Worn Video is a world-changing technology


5 reasons why Body Worn Video is a world-changing technology

Body Worn Video is transforming the jobs of frontline workers around the world. The United Kingdom in particular has adopted this technology and Police forces, local government and security companies are running body worn video programs as business as usual. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Provide compelling evidence; high-quality video and audio footage of an incident make it clearer what happened, when, and who was there

2. Protect workers by deterring crime; making the camera obvious to the public has an immediate impact by demonstrating that actions are being recorded; leading to fewer assaults on frontline workers, for example

3. Fewer complaints; false allegations are immediately negated and the overall conduct between the two parties involved are improved, reducing the likelihood of a need to complain

4. Increase in early guilty pleas; perpetrators are aware of and can be presented with irrefutable evidence regarding their case which results in an increase in early guilty pleas

5. Less time spent on paper work; officers are able to record interviews on video with audio, which saves the time taken to transcribe a verbal testimony

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