About body worn video

About body worn video

Reveal media has expertise in a range of different sectors and has an impact of the jobs of front-line works across these sectors. Some of the areas that we service include:

  • Criminal Justice and Policing Services - Including local police forces and correctional officers

  • Local Government - Councils and community centres, fire services, parking wardens, social services and bailiffs.

  • Education and Training Facilities - both staff and university security guards on campus

  • Healthcare Services - equipping nurses and security staff at hospitals

  • Retail and Shopping Centres - equipping sales staff and on-premises security (a popular solution for loss prevention managers).

  • Transport - train lines and transport authorities

Body worn video (the body worn cameras combined with back-end evidence management) produces extraordinary results:

  • 90% reduction in complaints against officers
  • 50% reduction in use of force
  • 90% increase in early guilty pleas
  • 22% increase in time available for patrol

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